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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

More marketers and agencies offer SEM services than ever before.  Because today's consumer has changed the way they make purchasing decisions, the traditional business model MUST evolve in order to be present & relevant during these moments where buying decisions are being made.  At Ganic Group, we want to be your in-house marketing team. So many digital marketing companies out there will promise you the world, 1st place position, best conversions, cheapest rates etc.,  We are actually realistic with our client's in managing their expectations as we are research driven and take a consultative approach.  


You will own your own data.  You will have total control of your analytics, campaigns and access.  No dashboards.  No limited view reporting.  100% transparency is what sets us apart from the thousands of "SEM Experts" out there targeting small business owners that do not have the resources to hire an in-house marketing experts nor don't have the time to learn and execute a SEM strategy that is cost effective and successful.  That's where Ganic Group comes in.  Remember, SEM is one part of the overall digital marketing strategy.  If SEM does not make sense for your business goals, it will not be included.  We will help shape the integrated strategy as it pertains to your digital marketing goals.


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