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Social Media Strategy

Do you NEED a social media presence?  Yes!!!!  From YouTube to SnapChat, social media is changing the world and in a big way.  Social media platforms are still great places for brands to be silly, engaging and fun, but they also have a big, measurable impact on a business’ bottom line. Therefore, social media needs to be included as an important tactic in an overall marketing strategy.  It can no longer be considered discretionary.  


It is not "just for the kids."  Social Media can help your business achieve specific goals and objectives, but it needs to be done right.  Proper Social Media marketing campaigns can help increase website traffic, customer loyalty, brand reputation, and even branding, in general.  Not only will Ganic Group help solidify a social media marketing strategy, we will make sure other people/departments within your organization can participate.  Once we identify what the key performance indicators (KPI's) are for each team (sales, customer service, HR, marketing,) we can help create engaging, relevant content to address each goal.


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